Italy’s data protection agency reportedly indicated it will increase scrutiny of AI systems operating in the country, after forcing Microsoft-backed ChatGPT to make changes to become compliant with privacy rules following a temporary ban.

The Garante agency banned ChatGPT in March and launched a probe into suspected privacy breaches, using provisions of GDPR, which resulted in the platform’s developer OpenAI making changes to regain compliance.

Garante board member Agostino Ghiglia told Reuters the agency now planned to conduct a wide scope review of generative and machine learning AI applications, because it wanted to “understand if these new tools are addressing issues linked to data protection and privacy laws compliance”.

He also threatened the launch of probes if necessary.

As part of its AI attack plan, Ghiglia said it had also begun the process to recruit three AI advisers, while the agency mainly hires people from a law background as it looks to use a legal framework to deal with threats emerging from the rapidly-evolving technology.

In its scrutiny of ChatGPT, the agency tackled issues based on potential breaches of privacy laws, noting any other route was not possible as it will likely take years for potential new legislation to regulate AI to come into force.

While Garante has moved swiftly, other countries are now beginning the process of reviewing the impact of generative AI, with the US and UK among those making moves.