Deutsche Telekom (DT) became Ericsson’s first commercial operator partner in its drive to target developers and enterprises with access to communications and network APIs, a strategy pushed by the vendor after its $6.2 billion buy of Vonage last year.

The operator plans to offer access to communications and network interfaces through Ericsson’s Vonage platform, under the banner MagentaBusiness API.

Ericsson described the deal as a key milestone in its ambition to create a global network platform business using communication and network APIs.

The vendor believes making advanced 5G capabilities, such as low latency and quality-on-demand access, available to businesses and developers through easy to access interfaces will accelerate enterprise digitialisation, open new use cases and offer operators a cash generating opportunity.

Ericsson CEO Borje Ekholm backed API access to “open up additional revenue possibilities [for operators] which will further enhance the future network buildout”.

DT CEO Tim Hoettges added by opening-up its network the company was: “creating new ways for customers and developers to generate value for their business” adding “APIs are a key strategic focus for Deutsche Telekom, underlined by our key role in the foundation of the CAMARA alliance, which aims to make standardised APIs available internationally.”

APIs have become a hot industry talking point this year, with the GSMA launching its GSMA Open Gateway initiative at MWC23 Barcelona. The associated memorandum of understanding has since gained increasing support from operators around the world.