BT launched an IoT SIM service supporting national roaming on rival networks in its home market, citing benefits for companies requiring reliable connectivity in remote areas.

The IoT National Roaming SIMs will primarily connect to its EE network, but will be able to use networks provided by rivals as a back-up, ensuring devices can stay online.

BT highlighted this improved connectivity for enterprises will support industries including transportation and logistics, providing drivers and couriers operating in hard-to-reach locations “with access to important information in real-time”.

The company noted reliable coverage is central to businesses across these sectors as it can help track essential operations including changes to delivery schedules, or managing fuel efficiency.

In addition, the IoT service offers a security system designed to protect important data and safeguard connected devices deployed in the field.

BT stated the secure management portal will “ensure the safe and efficient use of devices, allowing companies to focus on their core operations without worrying about data breaches or device mismanagement”.