LIVE FROM MWC LAS VEGAS 2023: An expert from AWS’ operator-focused division highlighted the potential for generative AI for uses beyond customer service chatbots, but voiced caution using standard models would probably not be enough.

In the event’s second keynote session, AWS head of worldwide business development for communication service providers Sameer Vuyyuru (pictured) highlighted Amazon companies had been using generative AI for a long time, but believed the technology “has a much bigger opportunity across multiple industries” with the telecommunications segment “one of the top among those”.

Citing a study conducted for AWS, Vuyyuru highlighted one in five operators had adopted generative AI or planned to in the current calendar year, with this rate rapidly expanding over the coming years.

“It probably comes as no surprise whatsoever that the biggest rate of adoption has been for customer service chatbots,” he added. “But the single biggest value that people see is in network optimisation [and within] network operations.”

The executive noted for these uses “you need something a little different,” adding “standard models are good but they probably aren’t going to be good enough.”

Vuyyuru indicated a need to find the right foundation model and then fine tune with data specific to the enterprise, endorsing the creation of “your own model in a completely private environment for your own use.”

He added there was also a need to ensure security, warning “what you do not want to do is train public data with your proprietary data and have it leak”.

AWS plans to make the full results of its study covering operator AI opportunities and progress publicly available tomorrow (27 September).