LIVE FROM MWL UNWRAPPED: AWS VP global telco business unit Adolfo Hernandez (pictured) illustrated the changes of perspective needed when adopting cloud infrastructure, conceding it could appear a daunting and difficult prospect.

Speaking during the final keynote session of the debut Mobile World Live Unwrapped online event, Hernandez described cloud transformation as a change of framework and thinking, but enthused it was doable and being undertaken by many players.

In terms of advantages, he pointed to the benefits of agility, scalability and use of mobile networks as a platform for third parties. These are attributes frequently referenced by AWS, its peers and operators when announcing partnerships within the sector.

Hernandez said moving to the cloud was like a “deep root and branch transformation of some…business models, you move to a world where everything is a lot more agile so you can’t really operate in the same way that you were operating before”.

“You really need to be able to spin-up resources as you need them: teams, capabilities, resources on the cloud, and be able to experiment very quickly,” he added. “So you need to have that culture and organisational model that is going to help you adopt that transition.”

The executive noted among the changes was a move from capex-based business models to a more flexible one to support a “world of on-demand” adding adopters needed to “think about applications, how do you make sure that you write for scalability”?

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