Telstra forged a deal to purchase power from a portion of a wind farm in southeast Queensland operated by Ark Energy, advancing the operator’s aim to reduce its carbon footprint by shifting to 100 per cent renewable energy.

The agreement involves Telstra buying 350GW/h from Ark Energy’s MacIntyre Wind Farm, a facility the power company states is one of the world’s largest onshore wind farms.

Kim Krogh Andersen, Telstra executive for product and technology, stated the agreement builds on previous investments in solar parks, wind farms and carbon farming.

Anderson added Telstra had now backed more than AUD1 billion ($649.1 million) of renewable energy projects across Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales.

“When these projects are fully operational, our share of their renewable energy output will be more than two-thirds of our consumption, a long way toward our target of 100 per cent by 2025.”

“These projects are a sound investment in a sustainable future. They provide affordable and reliable energy, and they create jobs for regional communities.”

The agreement is subject to Ark Energy finalising the financial arrangements. The company holds a 30 per cent interest in the 923.4MW MacIntyre Wind Farm.