US semiconductor company Tessera Technologies filed a lawsuit against South Korea-based Samsung for patent infringement with the US International Trade Commission, three US federal district courts and two European courts.

Samsung had a licensing agreement with Tessera since 1997, but the patent licence expired in December 2016, according to a Tessera statement.

Jon Kirchner, CEO of Tessera’s parent company Xperi, said: “We believe it is continuing to use our patented technologies without authorisation and without paying us fair compensation.”

He said it tried to work through the differences with Samsung over an extended period of time and while they remain in dialogue, “unfortunately at this point the parties have not been able to come to an agreement”.

Tessera and its affiliates claim the chip and smartphone giant used 24 of its patents covering a range of semiconductor processing, bonding and packaging technologies used to produce the Galaxy S6, S7 and S8, Galaxy Note8 and other products.

The lawsuits in the US were filed in the states of New Jersey, Delaware and Texas. Legal proceedings also were filed in the district court of The Hague, Netherlands; and the regional court of Mannheim, Germany, Tessera said.