Swedish operator Tele2 unveiled a workspace platform offering video meeting and document sharing services for public sector organisations, a solution it claims is a more secure alternative for protecting sensitive information than tools developed by global providers.

In a statement, the company revealed the launch of Tele2 Collaboration was intended to replace existing services that handle sensitive, government-related data.

The operator explained it developed the product in light of a report outlining the requirements of public institutions, including the Swedish tax agency and the Swedish social insurance agency.

The report outlined the need for a secure digital platform designed specifically for public sector organisations, citing a previous investigation by the Swedish tax agency which detailed concerns around sensitive data being exposed through the use of chat platforms and video call services.

Tele2 highlighted its new platform provides video calls, chat services and document-sharing with data managed and stored locally through a partnership with a Swedish supplier.

This will provide “data sovereignty, long-term information assurance and the ability to comply with legal, financial and other regulatory obligations”, the company said.