SoftBank Corp was the latest to join the GSMA Open Gateway initiative, expanding membership to 35, with the Japanese operator aiming to accelerate industry cooperation and strengthen 5G innovation through common APIs.

In a statement, the operator explained its goal is to “open the door to amplified collaboration opportunities” between telecoms operators and application service providers, “encouraging a myriad of business model innovations and accelerating market deployment” to drive growth across the industry.

SoftBank added with the launch of 5G services expectations have grown for the deployment of new services using APIs that collaborate with networks.

“By promoting API standardisation, application service providers will enhance compatibility and connectivity with domestic and international communication service providers, enabling seamless service expansion.”

Rival KDDI was one of 21 operators to join the industry-wide initiative at launch in February at MWC2023 Barcelona.

Open Gateway is a framework of universal network APIs designed to offer application developers and others in the ecosystem consistent access to mobile operator networks around the world.

In June, China Telecom and China Unicom joined.