Nova Labs launched indoor Helium Mobile Hotspots across a wide area of Miami, Florida, part of a plan to beef-up its wireless infrastructure and expand its mobile coverage.

The hotspot costs $249 and is installed using an app, after which it offers Helium Mobile coverage for individuals and businesses across high-traffic areas.

Nova Labs launched its mobile service in Miami in August, part of a plan to provision services using customer hotspots.

It also has an MVNO deal with T-Mobile US, providing a fall back when beyond Helium Mobile’s range.

Each indoor hotspot helps provide connectivity to subscribers, with crypto-based rewards to equipment hosts. The company is tipped to be targeting eateries and offices, among others to install the kit, though there are no restrictions on who can purchase the hardware.

There are currently 9,558 Helium Mobile hotspots across 1,500 cities in the US.