Japan-based KDDI Group updated its environmental targets, setting the goal of achieving net-zero CO2 emissions from all direct and indirect activities (Scope 1 and 2) and its entire supply chain (Scope 3) by 2040.

It also aims to reach carbon neutrality and acquire more than half the electricity it uses from renewable sources by 2030. It previously targeted reaching carbon neutrality by 2050.

Net zero is similar to carbon neutrality, but is broader. Net zero refers to all greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere, requiring going beyond the removal of just carbon emissions.

In addition, KDDI’s data centres, operating under the Telehouse brand, will shift to 100 per cent renewable energy sources by 2025, instead of a previous target of 2026. 

The group said it will increasingly turn to renewable sources such as solar power generated by its au Renewable Energy unit.

In January 2023, the operator set up the unit to manage its renewable energy generation business, including the supply of power directly to its own facilities.

In 2022, mobile operator KDDI targeted carbon neutrality by fiscal 2030; for the entire group the goal was fiscal 2050.