Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) was given the go-ahead for a new production facility in the south-west of its home market, Taipei Times reported, as the company seeks to further up output to meet continued high demand.

The new plant will be located in the city of Kaohsiung and manufacture chips based on 7nm and 28nm production processes.

It will comprise 9.2 hectares of industrial and 2.8 hectares of green space.

Approving the application, officials from the city reportedly pointed to the expected use of solar power at the proposed complex and concluded a second environmental assessment of TSMC’s plans was not required.

TSMC has contracts with major smartphone players including Samsung and Apple alongside a variety of other electronics companies. In January it detailed massive investments to boost capacity and meet soaring demand.

In addition to expanding its domestic facilities, TSMC has also been assessing moves in Europe and has moved on building a large plant in the US as those regions seek to cut reliance on imports.