PARTNER CONTENT: As the world faces a massive energy crisis and climate change, the information and communications (ICT) technology sector is stepping up to develop low-carbon networks and sustainable data centers to support the rollout of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that help corporations and industrial enterprises save energy.

Given its high demand for energy, the ICT sector plays a significant role in global energy consumption and carbon emissions. To improve efficiency and contribute to global emissions-reduction targets, many major operators around the world are already pursuing carbon-neutral strategies. At the same time, they must continue to roll out 5G infrastructure and meet customer demand for increased connectivity, which substantially increases the need for energy.

As a key partner of telecom operators and multinational enterprises, China Mobile International (CMI) is expanding its network and service offerings with sustainability in mind. It has taken a low-carbon approach to the development of global infrastructure. It also helps enterprises deploy IoT solutions for greater efficiency and creates sustainable solutions for different vertical sectors — from manufacturing to energy, finance, retail and more.

Introducing sustainable 5G networks
As a 5G leader and advocate, CMI has built a secure and integrated IP-based platform running on a high-speed private network to support 5G roaming for international operators. Having made energy conservation for 5G networks a corporate priority, CMI’s parent China Mobile used 25% less energy in 2020 than the year before for its base stations including its 5G ones.

Among the innovations introduced by CMI was the 5G Power Cabinet that combines installation space and a nonstop power supply for base station communication equipment. It uses multiple energy sources (including mains power, solar and battery storage), dynamic load shaping and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven energy management and control systems to minimise electricity costs.

Furthermore, China Mobile has developed and introduced outdoor multi-service cabinets for multi-access edge computing (MEC) infrastructure, fully replacing the traditional server room, as well as distributed DC digital energy cabinets for data centers.

This energy-conserving infrastructure promotes a low-carbon approach for both construction and operation of telecom infrastructure. Deployed by operators in China, Thailand, Pakistan and other markets, it outperforms traditional solutions and has been shown to:

  • Speed up construction by about 90%
  • Reduce investment by 30%-40%
  • Minimise land area by 30%-60%
  • Improve energy efficiency by 8%-17%

Building green data centers
Green data centers take advantage of newer and more efficient technologies. CMI also promotes green development by prioritising energy saving and emission reduction in its own data centers, which enterprises access through leasing or co-branding arrangements, and those it designs and builds on behalf of customers.

Up to 120 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year are saved for a 200,000-server facility in CMI’s data centers in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, London and Frankfurt as the company has used efficient cooling systems and AC-direct supply power distribution architecture in these facilities. In these data centers, CMI has made full use of IoT technologies, deploying in excess of 100,000 nodes per data center to enable intelligent monitoring and control of temperature, humidity, lighting, power and more to reduce the cooling load.

CMI’s new Fo Tan Data Center, which is currently under construction in Hong Kong, China, will have an average power usage effectiveness (PUE) rating of less than 1.3 and an extended lifespan. With a focus on robust infrastructure and sustainability through life-cycle impact reduction, green-planting, renewable energy, AI technology and green certification, CMI is positioning Fo Tan Data Center as a reliable and environment-friendly data center and an industry leader. It also expects the new facility to earn green building certifications such as BEAM Plus and LEED Gold.

Enabling smart campus solutions
Developing a smart campus internet network is an increasingly complex undertaking, encompassing wireless technology, widespread automation, AI-driven operations and maintenance, and global connectivity. As a result, demand for dynamic and flexible WAN connectivity is growing.

The CMI SD-WAN solution simplifies the operation and maintenance of cloud applications and enhances the quality of the user experience. It is a highly secure architecture that supports cloud or private networks and enables flexible deployment. This helps to overcome challenges related to wired-wireless convergence, cloud integration and cross-domain applications, along with low network visibility and IT manpower shortages.

By providing network connectivity solutions that are easy to deploy, manage and use, CMI builds reliable and stable networks that are compatible with different protocols and interfaces and meet the needs of future applications, offering one-stop support in campus bearer networks, SD-WAN networks and IoT technologies.

CMI worked with a leading tyre manufacturing company listed in China and a global Fortune 500 company in the Thai-Chinese Rayong Industrial Zone to integrate light systems, network cabling, ICT service rooms, security access control and monitoring systems, conference systems, peripheral universal access cards and alarm and environmental monitoring system. The solution helps the company save energy and resources.

CMI iSolutions offers customised solutions for different vertical sectors
CMI iSolutions helps enterprises navigate digital transformation and fuels their expansion through one-stop connectivity, cloud, ICT, data center and IoT solutions. While IoT plays a key role in driving digital transformation for some vertical sectors, specific requirements are needed sometimes for a given business or business case. IoT solutions are fast becoming viable in various settings and scenarios, from factories and industrial parks to ports, hospitals, schools, smart city districts and more. Leveraging its world-class infrastructure, CMI offers one-stop network and IoT solutions to help enterprises such as factories and manufacturers build highly reliable and evolvable production networks and quickly establish secure cross-border interconnections at global scale. Also, smart energy, lighting, sanitation and environment management systems can be added to traditional factories once on a 5G platform to significantly improve overall efficiency and promote sustainability alongside smart security and other property and asset management services.

Smart networking solutions have great potential for improving sustainability across various sectors, including telecommunications itself. CMI will continue to pursue green development and champion low-carbon solutions to support enterprises around the world.