LG plans to roll out its recently-announced Knock Code security feature — which enables users to unlock their devices with a customised combination of taps on the screen — to older devices in its smartphone range.

Announced as a feature on the flagship G Pro 2 (pictured), G2 mini, F Series and L Series smartphones at last month’s Mobile World Congress, there are apparently more than 80,000 possible Knock Code combinations, which can range from two to eight screen taps.

From April, the security technology will be available for the G2 and G Flex models via a firmware update in selected markets. More devices and markets will follow.

LG was prompted to develop its KnockON feature to create the more secure Knock Code on the back of consumer research that found users unlock their devices between 100 and 150 times per day.

Knock Code was cited as the most anticipated feature of the recently-announced G Pro 2 by more than 50 per cent of those surveyed by LG.