PRESS RELEASE: [Barcelona, Spain, 25th Feb, 2018] On the eve of Mobile World Congress 2018, Huawei has announced its Wireless AI based next generation OSS concept and series solution. It aims to build Next Generation Wireless OSS (NG Wireless OSS) through the introduction of Wireless AI and Cloud, helping operators to achieve business success in 5G era.

NG Wireless OSS is Key Business competitiveness in 5G Era

In 5G era, the operators need to face brand new digital market for vertical industry. Compared with the traditional MBB market, the revenue of the vertical industry market shows long tail characteristic and instability in the early stage of service development, which requires a more flexible network for low-cost service adaptation and incubation at the initial stage of service development. Currently, the only way to realize agile operations for service is to improve the level of network automation unswervingly.

First Defining NG Wireless OSS towards 5G in the Industry

Under the backdrop of the 5G era, Huawei correspondingly addresses the four key factors of the 5G oriented NG wireless OSS.

First, Site automation enabling O&M simplicity. Due to the ultra-dense site networking in 5G era, the on-site maintenance frequency, especially the on-site maintenance frequency of senior experts, means high O&M cost. The site automation solution is able to realize the condition-reflective hardware active monitoring, software configuration, and intelligent alarm association, minimizing the on-site maintenance frequency and decreasing the O&M complexity.

Second, Wireless AI based network maximizing radio resource efficiency. For 5G network is multi-band, multi-RAT, the network performance would be more and more relative with scenario characteristic. The Wireless AI based network is able to realize precise radio resource allocation through proactive identification, prediction and learning of the radio environment and dynamic traffic, maximizing the operator’s network utilization efficiency.

Third, agile digital service enabling operators’ business success. For 5G ear, it is vital for the operators to create a new digital service growth curve, especially for slicing services. The ability of the industry-oriented digital service and the experience assurance (SLA) becomes a precondition for new service development. It will also drive network O&M to transform from supporting system to production system and help operators to achieve business success

Forth, capability openness based on Cloud for different management demands. Facing the differentiated management demands in 5G network, operators and developers can customize the network O&M through the hierarchical opening of data, functions and ecosystem. And NG wireless OSS is able to access to the existing workflows and systems through easy management integration features.

In 2018, Huawei will launch two key solutions based on the new concept of NG wireless OSS – U2020 and mAOS (mobile Agile Operation for Service). U2020 is the EMS solution based on Cloudification with scalable capacity and sufficient flexibility, and mAOS is the solution with AI inside to enable a smart network with service agility.

Zhou Yuefeng, Huawei Wireless Network Chief Marketing Officer said, “We are now facing a great chance to reshape the network operation experience. We believe the NG wireless OSS based on Wireless AI and Cloud will guide the whole industry to move faster towards 5G era. And eventually, we will realize A Fully Self Driving network. This will be the solid foundation of wining in 5G business.”