German startup Gymwatch is taking on big name brands in the wearable fitness-tracking space with the launch of its $199 Sensor product.

The result of a successful crowdfunding campaign this year, Sensor is claimed to be “the first and only wearable fitness tracker that precisely measures both the motion and the strength expended in every exercise.”

Its companion app (Android and iOS) is designed to offer real-time verbal and visual feedback to help users perform exercises properly and get the maximum results from workouts.

Fabian Walke, inventor of the Sensor and co-founder and CEO of Gymwatch, said that he developed the device after he noticed people at the gym not doing exercises correctly.

“Gymwatch can show them the correct execution of movements and also determine the appropriate burden acting upon their body so that they can achieve the results they want,” he commented in a statement.

Gymwatch, founded in 2012, will face competition from far more established names like Microsoft, Toshiba, Jawbone and Fitbit. However, Gymwatch appears to be aimed at serious gym goers.

Microsoft Band, for example, is priced at $199 and monitors heart rate, measures how many calories users burn and tracks their sleep and can be used by anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle.

The aim of the Gymwatch Sensor, on the other hand, is to detect if a user is doing bench presses too quickly or doing squats too slowly and offer suggestions on how to modify the exercise. The app will show a figure illustration that demonstrates the correct form and pace.

It is also priced steeper than some other devices on the market such as those made by Jawbone, which range from $49.99 to $179.99.

Fitbit also came out with new devices in October with added functionalities such as caller ID, text alerts and mobile music control. They are priced between $129.95 and $249.95.