Human Mobile Devices (HMD) unveiled an enterprise-focused smartphone, the HMD Pulse+ Business Edition, alongside a solution designed to make software updates for businesses safer.

HMD Pulse+ Business Edition is part of the brand’s Pulse portfolio featuring a standard, Pro and Plus variant it launched in April, targeted at general consumers.

Speaking to Mobile World Live (MWL), SVP enterprise at HMD James Robinson said the main idea behind the HMD Pulse+ Business Edition is to enable the “longest support for security updates in the devices” compared to its consumer offerings. Robinson noted this was one of the hottest requests from enterprises and government customers around Europe.

HMD Pulse+ Business Edition comes with a guaranteed five-year security update and Robinson added HMD “does not necessarily support consumer devices to the same level” in terms of security patches.

Other built-in features include a PIN-only power off and “a PIN pad scramble”, the latter of which will shuffle the keypad after a PIN has been entered, adding an extra layer of security.

The handset boasts a similar design to the Pulse+ consumer variant, with a 6.5-inch screen and dual camera system. It packs a 5000mAH battery with up to 59 hours battery life and 128GB storage.

HMD also maintains commitment to its repairability scheme with the iFixit repair kit, a move it already introduced with handsets under the Nokia brand. Ming Li, who oversees products and propositions marketing at HMD, said the enterprise handset provides customers access to logistics giant DHL for an “express” repair care wherever they are based in Europe.

More to come
Robinson told MWL that there had been work conducted around HMD’s enterprise solutions in recent times, and it plans to unveil more enterprise handsets later this year.

Since its rebranding, HMD has a Barbie phone and launched a Boring phone.

Additionally, HMD also unveiled the FOTA Solution, which enables businesses to remotely manage and control software updates on their fleet of devices. Robinson said Germany’s railway system Deutsche Bahn is already deploying the tools: “The company uses them for their train drivers, they can’t have software updates happening while still in the middle of driving a train, it can be catastrophic.”

HMD Pulse+ Business Edition, with a recommended retail price of €199, is available across Europe from today.