The company behind Indian social media platforms ShareChat and Moj raised almost $300 million in its latest funding round, Reuters reported, citing Google among the major contributors.

Citing sources involved in the deal, the news website claimed the funding valued ShareChat parent Mohalla Tech at almost $5 billion.

Other companies said to have taken part in the latest round are India-based media conglomerate Times Group and Singapore state investment fund Temasek Holdings. Previous investors in Mohalla Tech include Snap, Twitter and South Korean internet giant Naver.

ShareChat claims to be India’s leading social media platform with 180 million monthly active users. It hosts chatrooms, private messaging services and platforms for content sharing across a range of languages spoken in the country.

Sister app Moj, also owned by Mohalla Tech, focuses on short form video and boasts more than 4.5 billion plays per day.

Information on Mohalla Tech’s website shows it has more than 1,800 employees and is in the process of expanding its team across India, the US and Europe.