Parlement Technologies dropped talks on an acquisition by musician Ye, becoming the latest company to cut ties with the rapper due to divisive comments.

In a tweet, the company stated it reached a mutual agreement with Ye to abandon sale of its networking site Parler, known for its free speech absolutism and conservative user demographic.

The pair previously sought to close the deal by end of year, but the company said it is now pursuing other opportunities “for growth and evolution of the platform”.

Ye announced plans to buy the platform after a brief Twitter suspension over anti-Semitic remarks.

Those comments along with a series of other controversial statements has resulted in several big-name brands severing ties with the musician in recent weeks.

Most recently, Twitter boss Elon Musk moved to suspend Ye’s account due to “incitement to violence”, referring to a deleted Swastika post the musician uploaded after expressing admiration for Adolf Hitler on a radio show.