Consumers in Germany gained the ability to make contactless payments from their Garmin smartwatches, as Wirecard expanded access to its Boon platform through a deal with Mastercard.

The agreement supplements an agreement Wirecard signed with Garmin in May to include Boon in Garmin’s smartwatch wallet app. That deal made Boon available to Garmin smartwatch users in France, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

A previous partnership with Fitbit agreed in April added Boon’s contactless payment capabilities to its Iconic and Versa devices across Europe.

Wirecard and Mastercard said they have plans to collaborate on additional projects going forward in order to “actively shape the future of contactless, digital payments”.

Georg von Waldenfels, Wirecard’s EVP of Consumer Solutions, in a statement predicted payment processes at the point of service will “undergo a digital revolution” over the course of the next five to ten years. He said the company plans to be at the forefront of that movement, aiming to offer smartwatch payments to “as many consumers as possible”.