Germany-based digital payments provider Wirecard partnered with Fitbit to add its contactless payments app to the wearable maker’s smartwatches across Europe.

The deal boosts the number of users able to use Fitbit Pay – which currently has a limited number of partner banks in Europe including Santander in Spain and a number of UK financial institutions.

In a statement, Wirecard said the deal would allow users of Fitbit’s Ionic and Versa to use its Boon payments app to make contactless payments at any terminal able to accept Mastercard payments. It added the app was independent of any network operator or bank.

The system is already available for smartphones with Boon cards able to be topped-up using funds from any debit or credit card.

Fitbit has been rolling out its payment service – compatible with both Visa and Mastercard – around the world following its launch in the US alongside its Ionic watch in October 2017.