Mastercard announced it would remove its name from all consumer-facing branding, a move it described as adapting to a digital environment.

The company will retain its logo of interlocking red and yellow circles, but is set to remove the company name, which is currently positioned below the image in the majority of its corporate materials, advertisements and credit cards.

Mastercard CMO Raja Rajamannar said: “Reinvention in the digital age calls for modern simplicity,” noting the move was the next step in its brand evolution.

The company added: “As the consumer and commerce landscape continues to evolve, the Mastercard symbol represents Mastercard better than one word ever could, and the flexible modern design will allow it to work seamlessly across the digital landscape.”

Although not explicitly mentioned in the company’s statement, the omition of the name also removes the “card” reference – a move which fits with its newer digital brands. The company generally uses Masterpass for its online and mobile presence, though still uses the old branding in accompanying logos.