Indonesia-based multi-service app company GoJek bought point of sale technology company Moka for $130 million, Bloomberg reported, extending its existing financial services offering into merchant payment services.

GoJek already offers consumer mobile wallet GoPay, and the latest deal sees it expand its financial services into small- and medium-sized businesses through provision of mobile merchant equipment.

In addition to point of sale equipment, available as a mobile app or as a standalone device, Moka provides back-end software to analyse data on stock and sales trends.

The news website’s undisclosed sources stated the deal is already complete, having been negotiated over the course of 2019.

Alongside GoPay, GoJek runs a taxi-booking app, food ordering platform, online retail and services to connect users to providers of a range of other utilities, including access to cleaners and massagists.

Last week GoJek was named as one of the companies in early stage talks with Indonesia’s central bank over applying for a joint payment licence alongside Facebook, to allow transactions to be made over the latter’s social media platforms in the country.