Previously only available to Pinterest and Facebook, Braintree is now offering its commerce infrastructure tools across its customer base.

So-called contextual payments are a growing area of interest for the payments industry, designed to operate in the background to avoid disrupting the user experience.

PayPal-owned Braintree’s commerce infrastructure tools are a set of APIs that address the sharing of customer and payment data between parties.

The APIs enable merchants to create user experiences, both in app and on their sites, by sharing payment data with any party they choose to partner with regardless of payment processor, while maintaining security standards.

Currently, the Grant API is being used to power payments between Facebook Messenger and Uber, so that users can pay for car rides through the messaging app. The same API is used by Facebook Events and Eventbrite.

Meanwhile, the Forward API is handling a commerce service developed by Pinterest and Yelp Cash Back.

Among the Braintree base, travel search site Skyscanner has joined Facebook and Pinterest in using the payments firm’s commerce infrastructure tools, it said.