WhatsApp replaced its text-only Status feature with one which looked a lot like Snapchat Stories, but after users complained the app will now offer both options.

The tweak will be deployed for Android users over the next week, and will come to iOS soon, a spokesperson said.

“We heard from our users that people missed the ability to set a persistent text-only update in their profile, so we’ve integrated this feature into the ‘about’ section in profile settings,” the firm said, adding it is continuing to build on the Status feature.

Users left comments indicating they liked WhatsApp’s simple interface and didn’t see why it wanted to introduce “Snapchat-style updates”.

The new Status feature allowed users to share photos and videos, on which they can add emojis and drawings, which would disappear after a day much like Snapchat Stories. Facebook added a similar feature to Instagram and then WhatsApp, and most recently its core app received it too.

WhatsApp came out around eight years ago and its user interface hasn’t changed much since. The introduction of Status is probably its biggest update and represents the first time it introduced a way for users to consume content, which could potentially be used to display ads.

The reaction to the change doesn’t bode well for the company, which is testing a system to allow businesses to talk directly to users.

WhatsApp also recently had to deal with a vulnerability found in its web offering. According to security company Check Point, if exploited, the vulnerability would have allowed attackers to take over users’ accounts on Telegram and WhatsApp on any browser, and access conversations, shared files and contact lists.

Both companies have developed a fix for their web clients.