Uber redesigned its app by implementing an instant translation tool, a move it argued would smooth communication between passengers and drivers.

The feature, announced by the company in a blog, allows all users to translate a message in the app into their preferred language before sending. Prior to the update, messages in the app would be displayed only in the driver’s spoken tongue.

Uber stated the update is compatible with more than 100 languages, adding the move aided drivers whose primary language isn’t English and passengers who don’t know the language spoken in destinations they are travelling to.

The company also unveiled a feature to let passengers get more information on the status of their booking, including notifications about the time their taxi is due to arrive and more precise location details.

Uber said it will roll-out the new features globally in the upcoming days.

The changes form part of an ambitious move to position itself as the de-facto taxi booking service unveiled in September 2019, with a key emphasis on passenger safety.