Twitter is experimenting with a News tab, in its latest bid to provide its users with the most timely and relevant content.

The tab, which is located in the app’s navigation bar between notifications and messages, brings up a list of headlines trending on Twitter in a live feed.

Once a headline is clicked, users are redirected to a story screen, which includes an image, headline, a block of text from the story and top tweets posted on the issue.

The service is presently available to “some US Twitter users”, according to Buzzfeed, and it is also live in Japan, with the trial starting with a list of pre-approved publishers.

“We’re experimenting with a news experience on iOS and Android as we continue to explore new ways to surface the best content to users,” said a Twitter spokesperson.

After releasing its Q2 results last week, Twitter’s CFO Anthony Nuno said the company planned to launch a marketing campaign later this year aimed at teaching people how to use the platform and grow subscriber numbers to reach a mass market audience.

Twitter’s struggles to grow its user base has been largely attributed to its difficult to understand model, and the introduction of a “news” tab could serve to lower the platform’s barrier to entry by giving people access to something that is easily understandable.

Curating news headlines could also give Twitter the opportunity to sell ads into the stream, which has proved difficult for the platform in the past given its conversational nature.

In the past, Twitter attempted a similar concept with the “Discover” tab, and its current interface also pulls up top trends when users tap the search bar.

This latest experiment compliments Twitter’s upcoming “Project Lightening” feeds, designed for users to follow live events as they happen.