US officials encouraged TikTok to separate from its China-based parent ByteDance and operate as an independent company, a move tipped to help the social media app avert any ban due to security fears, Reuters reported.

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow told reporters a split was “a better option” for TikTok than its service being halted in the US, which is reportedly mulling a ban.

Earlier this week, Reuters reported a move outlining TikTok’s future in the US could be made soon, following indications President Trump’s administration was erring toward a full examination of potential national security risks posed by the app alongside messaging service WeChat.

Concerns over TikTok arose in 2019, when US senators aired fears the app was linked to the Chinese government and, as a result, was required to provide user data or remove content at China’s behest.

The company has repeatedly denied the claims.

However, the latest US call may marry well with a move ByteDance was reported to be considering regarding amending the corporate structure of TikTok, which could involve establishing a non-domestic headquarters for the app.