TikTok moved to make it easier for users to share content, launching a new developer programme enabling integration with third-party apps.

First out of the blocks in the push is Share to TikTok, which allows users to post videos edited on third-party services including Adobe Premier Rush; augmented reality app Fuse.it; Momento GIF Maker; and gaming highlights app Medal.tv.

In a statement, TikTok said the move will help diversify the types of video on its platform by providing users with “multiple avenues to create new, original high quality content using platforms with exciting creative tools”.

TikTok’s developer programme also includes a tool designed to simplify the embeddig of TikTok videos on websites and in news stories.

The release comes as the company faces scrutiny from US officials over concerns related to censorship and data security.

Last week, Reuters reported the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States opened an investigation into an acquisition of karaoke app Music.ly by TikTok’s parent, ByteDance, in 2017.