Foursquare launched a new version of its app, offering an increased focus on local information and recommendations specifically tailored to individual users.

The new Foursquare asks users which activities they enjoy to learn their tastes and preferences, in order to ensure the places and activities recommended are as relevant as possible.

It is touted as freeing users from having to read long, random reviews from people that may not even share their tastes.

Foursquare previously said the new app heralds the beginning of the ‘personalised local search future’ it has been talking about since it was established.

The introduction of the new app follows the removal of the check-in feature from the previous version, with users directed to a new standalone app called Swarm. All past check-ins, friends and photos were automatically migrated to the new app.

Swarm was first launched for iOS and Android but was introduced for Windows Phone last week. For those not using Swarm, they need to download it to continue having the ability to check-in.

According to Foursquare, more than three-quarters of users (of which there are 50 million) were already using Swarm before the check-in function was removed from the main app.

The check-in history of existing users will continue to inform recommendations in the Foursquare app.

Now five years old, Foursquare has seen six billion check-ins, 55 million tips, 65 million places, hundreds of millions of photos and billions of social connections.

Until recently, the company was struggling to convert its huge amount of user-generated data into significant revenue, but the addition of advertising appears to have changed this, with revenue growing by 600 per cent in 2013.

The company rolled out ads for local businesses in October last year as part of its efforts to develop its business model and boost revenue.