October saw downloads of iOS apps reach an all-time high, driven by the widespread adoption of the new iPhone 6 models, according to the latest figures from marketing platform provider Fiksu.

Fiksu’s App Store Competitive Index, which indicates the aggregate daily download volume of the top 200 free iOS apps, reached a record 7.8 million in October. This was 39 per cent up on October 2013, and a 42 per cent increase compared to September.

The rise in download activity was mainly fuelled by the healthy uptake of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices, with users adding apps to their new devices, according to Fiksu.

Cost per Install (CPI) was $1.46, up 59 per cent compared to a year earlier and 21 per cent higher than September, showing how competition has ramped up due to increased advertising spend in mobile.

However, the Fiksu Cost per Loyal User Index (CPLU) actually fell slightly to $2.16, compared to $2.25 in September.

This was attributed to users downloading their essential apps after upgrading to the latest iPhone, meaning a large proportion would go on to become loyal users.

This highlighted the importance of boosting user loyalty ahead of big device launches and periods in which gifts are given.

Despite the sequential decrease, CPLU in October was 33 per cent higher than a year earlier, showing that the costs to acquire users remain on an upward trajectory.

The Cost per Launch Index, which tracks costs of driving engagement, increased 24 per cent over the previous month, and 39 per cent year-on-year, to reach $0.26.

Fiksu also noted untapped opportunities with Android, where costs and competition are lower.

The Cost per Launch metric for Android in October was $0.10, up 28 per cent on September, but down 26 per cent on a year ago. Cost per Install increased to $0.10, up 2 per cent year-on-year and 1 per cent compared to September.