App search company Quixey is to integrate its technology into the online search engine, to provide users with suggestions in response to any app-related queries.

When users enter queries related to apps such as “best iPhone games for kids” on, the Quixey technology will return a list of suggested apps alongside the normal webresults. There will also be a separate “apps” search tab alongside the existing image, video and news.

Quixey said in its blog that the partnership is “bridging the gap between the app economy and the web”, and will make search results more relevant as it will answer some queries with apps that can help.

For example, entering “how do I book a cab” will return taxi-booking apps.

Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry will all be represented in the app search results.

“Q&A sites must deliver content-rich experiences to engage users at scale, [and] apps are gateways to some of the most top-notch digital content out there,” said chief operations officer, Shane McGilloway.