Microsoft further ramped up its efforts to attract developers to build products across its Windows portfolio with a range of new benefits for joining its Dev Center programme, along with new monetisation options.

The company is now offering lifetime accounts for Dev Center, with a one-time registration payment enabling developers to submit apps for Windows Phone and Windows. There is no annual renewal fee and the 600,000 developers already registered won’t need to pay additional fees to continue their account.

A new benefits programme is intended to help developers improve and market their apps via a range of offers and tools.

There are three packages, starting with ‘Explorer’, which includes design and architecture guidance, Gift Cards and the Dev Center registration fee. ‘Expert’ provides advertising offers and a publishing contract, while ‘Master’ unlocks VIP access to developer marketing and support and early SDK access.

The idea is for developers to move to a higher level package as their products gain momentum in terms of downloads, revenue, ratings and improved functionality.

Microsoft is also working to boost revenue developers can generate via advertising, with improvements to its Ad SDK.

New system improvements have been released to allow Windows Phone ads to be better matched with apps, with initial results showing an increase in total ad revenue per app of more than 50 per cent.

Other recent improvements include a streamlined payout process and Windows and Windows Phone Ads-in-Apps inventory being made available on the Microsoft Advertising Exchange in 10 markets. According to the company this provides access to more screens for advertisers to run campaigns globally.

In addition, mobile advertising exchange provider Smaato, has just released the first third-party SDK developed specifically for Windows Phone 8.1, giving access to its services for any Windows Phone projects.

Microsoft also launched custom reports on pubCenter to enable developer to analyse their advertising performance by market.