SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus expanded the use of the Pass authentication app by enabling subscribers to use a virtual version of their resident registration as a valid alternative to the physical card.

In separate statements, the operators explained the digital ID service is designed to make it easier and more secure to check national ID cards. The service will go live tomorrow (10 November).

The mobile ID is stored on smartphones and can be used to check in at domestic airports or confirm age in stores and restaurants.

It can also be used instead of a resident registration card to verify ID when receiving government documents.

The operators signed an agreement with the Ministry of Public Administration and Security in February to introduce the service.

In October 2020, the companies integrated a virtual version of state-issued drivers’ licences into the Pass, making it the first officially-recognised form of digital ID in the country.

The three launched the Pass in July 2018.

More than 36 million subscribers use the app, with 4.7 million signed up to the driver’s licence verification service.