iOS users spend nearly 2.5 times more than their Android counterparts when it comes to in-app purchases, an AppsFlyer report said.

Underpinning this is a higher average purchase value of $12.77, compared with $6.18 for Android users, ‘The State of In-app Spending’ report said.

However, AppsFlyer found that due to the open nature of the platform, Android is stronger for utility apps, such as memory boosters, launchers and anti-virus. Five times more Android users spend money in utility apps than iOS users.

The report also noted a huge gap between paying and non-paying users. The average paying user spends $9.60 a month per app, which is 20 times more than the average user (taking into account both paying and non-paying users).

Since only about 5 per cent of users make purchases, “each and every one of them has significant importance for developers,” it noted.

AppsFlyer recommends that developers focus on paying users and find out everything there is to know through granular measurement. This will enable intelligent decisions on communication with users, so they “stick around, remain happily engaged and continue spending”.

Breakdown by region
Region wise, Asia leads the way, with a $0.70 average spend per month per app, followed by North American users who spend $0.61. Europe and Latin America trail far behind.

Asians are also the most avid spenders on in-app gaming purchases, with a 75 per cent higher spend ($0.56) and a 85 per cent higher average purchase ($12.92) than the global user.

The report says that there is much to gain from “going East”, such as higher payouts from users and lower costs than Europe or the US. But developers must keep in mind the Asian market is a”different animal altogether” and make sure they are well-versed before going in, AppsFlyer cautioned.

Latin America is still an emerging market, but the report observed there is an opportunity to enter a market that is not as competitive and gain a market foothold prior to the “inevitable mobile rush”.

“Invest now and there’s a good chance you’ll reap the rewards later,” it added.