Ad network InMobi launched an Android app store distribution platform which allows developers to publish across multiple stores around the world.

The App Publish platform allows users to deploy apps in more than 130 app stores and control them from a single dashboard, with payments through a “single, reliable” partner.

InMobi claims the platform will reduce costs and effort for developers, and that early beta tests of App Publish have seen a 30 per cent increase in downloads through new app store channels.

App Publish is aimed at helping developers overcome the challenges of publishing to multiple app stores, including high volume channels such as Google Play, GetJar, Mobango and third-party app stores in China.

These challenges include navigating international laws, different aesthetic and information requirements of each platform, difficulties in tracking and reporting downloads and collecting revenue from smaller or international platforms in a timely manner.

“Paying for position and app discovery on Google Play is becoming increasingly expensive and ultra-competitive. The launch of App Publish serves to meet the mass desire from app developers to compete in multiple channels in a simple, profitable way,” said InMobi’s head of product management for developer platforms, Girish Prabhu.

App Publish uses the app distribution capabilities InMobi gained through its acquisition of Metaflow Solutions in July 2012.