Google’s general manager for its payment platforms and developing-market focused Next Billion Users initiative Caesar Sengupta revealed he is set to leave the company at the end of next month, after 15 years at the tech giant.

In a statement posted on LinkedIn, Sengupta said he was “venturing out to start a new mission” with limited details on his future intentions.

The executive was full of praise for his current employers, noting Google’s leadership was committed to both its payments division and the Next Billion Users initiative, which works on a number of applications to expand internet access to underserved communities. Its projects including slimming data and power requirements for products such as Chrome.

Its payments unit covers mobile and online service Google Pay, along with its various other global payment and finance services.

Sengupta has been in charge of the Next Billion Users unit since 2015 and began leading its payments unit in 2018. Prior to this he worked on its ChromeOS platform.

The news comes two months after Google’s parent company Alphabet scrapped its Loon unit, which was regularly billed as a technology designed to help expand connectivity into developing markets.