Google defended its record in India after a probe concluded it abused the dominant position of its Android platform to stifle competition, The Economic Times (ET) reported.

The search giant reportedly stated it would work with the Competition Commission of India to prove Android had boosted competition and innovation, citing a bump in internet access by making smartphones more affordable.

A lengthy investigation by the CCI determined Google used unfair business practices to harm competitors, ET wrote, citing claims involving imposing one-sided contracts on device makers and developers to ensure its apps were pre-installed as the default options.

Google stands charged with abuse of dominance; denial of market access to competitors; and limiting and restricting technical or scientific development to the detriment of consumers.

ET reported the CCI will seek views from third parties before making a decision on the charges. Google could face penalties or be required to change its business practices if found guilty.

Google and Apple face a growing number of investigations and sanctions globally over their dominance of the app marketplace.