Lesser-known mobile gaming companies ousted Chinese web giants ByteDance and Tencent from the top five worldwide app publishers in Q2, though Facebook and Google remained secure in the top two spots, Sensor Tower data showed.

Facebook led the pack with 700 million first-time downloads of its apps in Q2 across Google Play and the App Store, with Google coming in close behind on 563 million installs. Game publishers rounded out the top five, with France-based Voodoo third, Turkish company Good Job Games in fourth, followed by UK-based Outfit7.

The updated leader board offered a stark contrast to Q2 2018 when Tencent (the company behind WeChat) and ByteDance (creator of video app TikTok) held the number three and number five positions, respectively.

Alibaba Group, another well-known contender, fell from number six in Q2 2018, to number 12 in the most recent ranking.

The shift reflects the rise of mobile gaming. Sensor Tower data released earlier this month showed gaming revenue ($29.6 billion) accounted for nearly 75 per cent of total app revenue ($39.7 billion) generated in the first half of 2019.

Facebook and Google led Q2 downloads in the Play Store, but the top two seats in Apple’s App Store belonged to Google and Tencent.