French game publisher Gameloft’s board members resigned following Vivendi’s takeover, claiming they didn’t agree with the latter’s “strategic vision and managerial values”.

Vivendi then appointed five members of its choosing to the board at Gameloft’s annual shareholders meeting, including its COO Stephane Roussel, who will replace Michel Guillemot as CEO of Gameloft.

Guillemot is from the family that founded the company and was against the takeover, but eventually gave in.

Gameloft also said that to facilitate the transition it had accepted a proposal from Vivendi to appoint its finance chief Alexandre de Rochefort as head of the group’s 39 subsidiaries, Reuters reported.

Other members of the board include Sebastien Bollore, chairman of Omnium Bollore; Frederic Crepin, general counsel of Vivendi and Canal+ Group, owned by Vivendi; Francine Mayer, chairman of Canal+ Regie; and Maxime Saada, CEO of Canal+ Group.

Vivendi, which owns 96 per cent of the share capital of Gameloft following the completion of a public tender offer, said it “wanted to change the board’s composition to reflect the company’s new shareholder structure.”

Roussel said in a message to Gameloft employees: “I start my role today with an ambitious plan: to combine your creative passion with Vivendi’s to accelerate Gameloft’s development. You will be a fully-integrated member of the Vivendi family while maintaining your distinctiveness and originality.”

Vivendi will meet next week with Gameloft’s senior management in Paris to discuss the company’s strategic directions and make operational decisions.