Facebook made a few additions to its App Insights analytics service to enable developers to better measure the performance of their titles across specific user segments.

App Insights enables developers to measure Facebook integration, traffic sources and other events on Facebook and within native apps.

‘Label cohorts’ have been added to allow developers to categorise groups of users, in order to create segmented metrics including revenue and time spent using an app.

An example of how this could be used is grouping people who have installed an app from a specific ad set. Developers can then gain an understanding of how much time members of the group spent in the title and how much they spend on in-app purchases.

App publishers can also conduct A/B testing using these label cohorts. For example, they could provide 10 per cent of people with a free item and gauge how these users respond compared to the other 90 per cent.

Label cohorts can be based on install source, actions, time of install, particular posts on Facebook and other conversion events.

New user retention measurement tools have also been added, including App Event retention charts, which visually show what proportion of users took a particular action within a program, up to 14 weeks after being installed.

Developers can use this data to determine if changes made to apps have a significant impact on engagement and to make informed choices about whether to run ads or make other changes.

In order to make use of the tools, app makers must install the Facebook SDK and implement the app events functionality.