Security software company Bitdefender relaunched Clueful, its privacy awareness tool for iOS devices, as a free web app after the original iOS version was removed from Apple’s App Store in June.

Clueful flags up any apps that may violate user privacy through the use of personal data stored on the devices. The relaunched version – which can be used on iPhones, iPads and PCs -–includes new features that Bitdefender says turns it into a social web-guide on iOS app behaviour.

The added features include a larger database of more than 100,000 apps compared to the previous 65,000, and the ability for users to add “clue card” comments about how titles handle privacy.

Users are informed if apps are careless with usernames and passwords, track location, read and use address book information, access calendars, drain batteries, overly target users with ads or don’t encrypt personal data or transmissions.

"The iPhone is the most personal of your personal devices, storing large amounts of private information that app developers would love to access. We feel Clueful is one of the most useful and valuable tools available to consumers," said Bitdefender chief security researcher, Catalin Cosoi.

Apple informed Bitdefender of the decision to remove Clueful from the App Store after it had previously been approved and made available for sale. The app was first launched in May.