Two-thirds of businesses are failing to adequately test the mobile apps used in their organisation, suggesting a lack of confidence in in-house software testing.

According to the annual World Quality Report published by Capgemini and HP, just 31 percent of surveyed companies formally test the mobile apps used within their business.

Of the companies that are formally addressing mobile technology quality assurance, 64 percent said they are focusing on performance and 48 percent on functionality, with just 18 percent focusing on security.

Testing teams in organisations also appear to be struggling to address emerging challenges, with two-thirds of organisations not having the right tools to test mobile apps. In addition 34 percent lack the appropriate testing methodologies and processes and 29 percent lack the specialist expertise needed.

 “Consistent and reliable software applications have become critical to the operations of many organisations. Yet the lack of confidence in most companies’ internal abilities to monitor and test the quality of their software is resounding, particularly when it comes to mobile applications,” said Capgemini global service line testing lead, Michel de Meijer.