Amazon used its developer blog to highlight the increased prominence it is placing on games, following the launch of its latest-generation Kindle Fire tablets, which it said will “give players a completely revamped gaming experience”.

The company said that this coincides with the general release of its GameCircle API, which will give developers access to additional features and increased visibility “at no cost”.

Amazon said that because gaming is one of the most popular activities for the Kindle Fire, it has created a new Games library to give customers a home for these products, which will also be the first product category listed in the navigation.

Within this library, players can view games, sorted by the most recently played, and for those integrated with GameCircle, players can see friend’s achievements and leader boards before launching the app.

It said that GameCircle games will also get “several pages of content” within the listing, including a summary page which will highlight friends rankings, player scores and achievements to earn, as well as a play button to launch the game.

Amazon announced GameCircle earlier this year, as a way to add social features to games targeting the Kindle Fire. It said that “select” titles using the technology are highlighted in its Appstore, giving them additional visibility.