Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group announced it will discontinue its music streaming app Xiami Music on 5 February, as the service failed to compete among increased pressure by larger players in the market.

In a notice to users, the company said while it was hard to part ways with the app’s supporters after 12 years of operating, the decision to stop it was made “due to business development adjustments”.

The company offered users guidelines on ways to remove their personal information and other data from the service.

Xiami Music was launched in 2008 before being taken over by Alibaba in 2013, TechCrunch reported.

In recent years, the app has been struggling to compete in the Chinese market amid increased pressure from rivals Tencent and NetEase. App analytics company Appfigures estimated Xiami Music has been downloaded 2 million times by iOS users in China in 2020. In comparison, its competitor Netease Cloud Music has hit 20.7 million installs, while Tencent-owned QQ Music was downloaded 17.6 million times on the App Store during the period.