Alipay signed two new retail deals in the US as it steps-up attempts to boost the number of payments it processes from the 4 million Chinese tourists visiting the country every year.

A tie-up with retail loyalty company Blackhawk will allow the US company’s customers to promote services to Alipay’s base through its recommendation platform. It will also enable tourists to easily identify which retailers accept the payment method.

Last week, Alipay unveiled a deal with point of sale equipment vendor Verifone to rollout Alipay acceptance across sportswear brand Lacoste’s flagship stores. The link with Verifone is more typical of the company’s US deals, as it adds the payment method in a retailer popular with Chinese tourists.

Alipay president of Americas, Souheil Badran (pictured, left), told Mobile World Live: “Our goal as we continue to expand in overseas markets is to follow the footprint of the 520 million Chinese Alipay users as they travel, study or settle abroad, and offer them the same seamless, convenient experience they have at home.”

“Chinese travellers are a lucrative audience for North American merchants, making it an important region for Alipay,” he added: “Our primary focus is targeting the large number of tourists from China visiting North America, and helping them overcome the language and payment barriers as they attempt to explore, tour and shop here.”