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Ericsson eyes a faster 5G move for Africa

18 JUL 2018

LIVE FROM GSMA MOBILE 360 SERIES – AFRICA, KIGALI: Ericsson’s head of network solutions for Middle East and Africa Ahmad Husseini (pictured) predicted Africa’s first 5G deployments would appear in a much shorter timescale than previous connectivity technologies had taken to reach the continent.

Husseini pointed to trends witnessed across previous generations of mobile technology to illustrate the continent would receive 5G relatively quickly.

“Looking at technology and focusing on Africa, the first GSM network was deployed in 1994, ten years later we had the first 3G system in Africa and then just seven years later we had the first LTE network,” he explained.

“So it’s obvious that the pace is happening faster and faster and it’s taking a shorter time to deploy different technologies, so we believe that 5G will come to Africa much faster than other technologies.”

He added 5G on the continent would be “for industry use as much as it is for fast mobile data.”

In January 2018 Ericsson and MTN announced what the companies claimed was the first trial of 5G in Africa at the operator’s headquarters in South Africa.


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