Rogers Communications and Lynk Global completed the first satellite-to-mobile phone call in Canada, using Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones for the feat alongside testing SMS, data and emergency alert services.

The phone call was made using Lynk Global’s low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites and the operator’s national wireless spectrum.

In their announcement, Rogers Communications and Lynk Global noted wireless spectrum ensures the service works on existing smartphones.

The operator plans to launch the technology in 2024, beginning with SMS, mass notifications and machine-to-machine AI applications.

Rogers Communications plans to expand the service to cover voice and data services shortly after.

The operator’s president and CEO Tony Staffieri reiterated the service will be targeted at remote areas to improve public safety, along with communities not currently connected.

Rogers Communications stated the service would be available across remote areas, national parks and rural highways.

The operator also has a partnership in place with SpaceX-owned Starlink and previously noted the pair of deals would enable it to provide coast-to-coast satellite services.

Earlier this year, Lynk Global announced a partnership with operator Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) for a beta trial of its SMS service and later scored a deal with bmobile Solomon Islands.