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Samsung wins access to Apple-HTC settlement details

22 NOV 2012

A US court has ordered Apple to disclose the details of its patent settlement with Taiwan’s HTC to Samsung, reports Reuters.

Samsung filed a motion to compel Apple to reveal the details of the agreement, arguing that the patents covered could be a factor in the South Korean company’s efforts to avoid the permanent sales ban of some of its products by Apple.

Samsung said it is “almost certain” that the HTC deal covers some of the same patents that are part of its continuing legal battle with Apple.

The court said that Apple should produce a full copy of the settlement agreement “without delay” for Samsung’s legal team. The 10-year patents licensing agreement between Apple and HTC was reached on 10 November but the details have not been made public.

HTC CEO Peter Chou said earlier this week that media reports suggesting that the Taiwanese company will pay Apple US$6-8 per Android device were “outrageous”.

Samsung has indicated that it doesn’t intend to settle with Apple – a court hearing in December will decide whether it will be subject to a permanent sales ban for eight of its smartphones and one tablet.

The court documents also show that Samsung has requested that Apple’s iPod 5, iPad 4 and iPad mini be added to the list of devices it claims have infringed its patents.


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