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Report: Apple planning CDMA-based iPhone

30 OCT 2009

Apple is reportedly working on a CDMA version of the iPhone that will allow a number of new operators in North America to offer the device, a US Apple-related website has claimed. reports that Apple has been looking to recruit CDMA engineers for some months and could unveil a version of the iPhone that works on Verizon Wireless’ CDMA network as early as Macworld 2009, which takes place in January next year. A CDMA version of the device will also allow the phone to be offered by Sprint, the third-largest US mobile operator, and by Telus and Bell Mobility in Canada. The initial GSM and WCDMA-based versions of the iPhone are currently offered on an exclusive basis by market-leaders AT&T in the US and Rogers Wireless in Canada, but it is unclear how long these exclusive arrangements will last. “No matter how big AT&T is and how much range they cover, leaving out Verizon and to a lesser extent Sprint, will be eliminating a broad swath of the US wireless market. If Apple is serious about competing with BlackBerry, Symbian and Android, they will have to broaden their carrier footprint,” the website says.

The website points to a number of recent examples of how Apple is becoming increasing “carrier agnostic.” reports this week that Apple has made an unlocked version of iPhone 3G available in Hong Kong, allowing consumers to choose their operator. The 8GB version is available for about US$695, while the 16GB iPhone costs about US$798, the reports says. adds that Apple has deployed a similar strategy in South Africa. It was also reported recently that Apple is planning a customised version of the device for China Mobile.


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